Strategy and goals

Finnvera’s values are trust, partnership, and a focus on solutions. The values reflect our mission and customer promise: through our know-how and active approach, we help our clients to succeed.


How Finnvera creates value

Finnvera Group’s operations are described in the value creation model which provides information about the company’s most significant resources, business model and strategic foundation, and describes the key impacts of the company’s operations on the surrounding society.

The goals for 2017 were guided by the strategic goals: customer experience, impact, and team play.

Customer experience: Finnvera’s clients are ready to recommend our services

The continuous measurement of the customer experience enables Finnvera to develop its services and practices. We conduct an online feedback survey for all clients after the financing decision or after the first meeting.

The extensive client and stakeholder satisfaction survey, conducted every other year among SMEs, large corporates, banks, financial institutions and other stakeholders, was carried out in January–February 2017. The total number of respondents exceeded 1,950.

The average Net Promoter Score (NPS) for our services was no less than 71.6. The highest NPS was reached among bank personnel working in the SME sector (81.9) and large corporates’ stakeholders (80.6). Even at its lowest, among SMEs operating on the Finnish market, the NPS was 55.5.

The best ratings for the usefulness and the quality of our services came from small local enterprises and financier clients in large corporates. In addition, usefulness and quality ratings also improved among growing and internationalising enterprises. As for active approach and focus on solutions, Finnvera received the most positive ratings from financier and corporate clients in large corporates. Ratings related to understanding the client’s business and sector were very positive.

In addition to providing insight into the customer experience, the survey gave a very encouraging picture of the significance of Finnvera’s services. Large corporates’ stakeholders were more convinced than others that Finnvera’s export financing activities have promoted Finnish companies’ exports and exerted a positive influence not only on employment in Finland but also on the Finnish subcontractors of the companies. Providers of financing who are located in Finland assessed that without Finnvera, export trade transactions would have been more limited in scope or would have failed entirely.


The highest NPS for Finnvera’s services was 81.9.


Impact: Increasing visibility in exports and in transfers of ownership

We measure our impact on the basis of, for instance, how many new companies are set up, how the companies we provide financing for succeed in generating growth and jobs, and how we support the export activities of Finnish companies. The ceilings of Finnvera’s export credits and export credit guarantees were raised twice during 2016, and the legislative amendments entered fully into force on 1 January 2017. The authorisation to grant export credit guarantees rose to EUR 27 billion, the authorisation for special risk taking to EUR 5 billion and the authorisation to finance export credits to EUR 22 billion. The authorisation to provide interest equalisation was also increased to EUR 22 billion. The decision to raise the ceilings proved to be well-founded, and the demand for Finnvera’s export financing rose to a record-breaking level during the year. Finnvera granted export credit guarantees and special guarantees amounting to EUR 7.5 billion and export credits totalling EUR 6.6 billion.

At the same time, we worked to improve SMEs’ export prerequisites and continued to launch new products, especially to accelerate small export trade transactions. The share of growing and internationalising enterprises out of all SME financing rose to 40 per cent (38%).

In 2017, Finnvera used EUR 0.9 billion to finance Finnish SMEs and midcap enterprises. Finnvera’s financing contributed to the creation of an estimated 9,100 jobs.

The campaign to accelerate transfers of ownership was continued together with enterprise organisations. The goal is to spur enterprises onto a growth track. Finnvera was involved in financing approximately one thousand transfers of ownership, and it is estimated that the transfers of ownership carried out during the year have helped to create around 1,300 new jobs and over 1,300 maintained jobs. It is likely that the positive development will continue in the coming years.


Team play: Cooperation boosting internationalisation

After having moved under the same roof in the Ruoholahti district of Helsinki in 2016, the actors of the Team Finland network – Finnvera, Finpro, Tekes and Tesi – continued to cooperate on customer work and to seek synergy benefits. The news announced during the year included the merger of Finpro and Tekes and the creation of a new Business Finland organisation. The project to create a joint management system for customer data continued.

Finnvera’s Regional Director Markus Laakkonen began an 18-month secondment in Oslo in spring 2017. The objective is to promote the trading of Finnish companies in Norway. At Finnvera, Finance Manager Heidi Nousiainen was appointed as the project manager in charge of coordinating the Team Finland cooperation.

Transfers of ownership bring desired dynamics into the SME sector

The growth of SMEs is highly significant for the creation of jobs and, on a larger scale, the development of the economy.

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Getting involved in international business – perhaps in Norway?

Is your enterprise seeking growth through internationalisation? At Finnvera, we provide financing to enterprises that want to enter international markets.

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Taking SME support to the next level

We are quite sure that the next megatrend in public SME financing will be in external focusing and cooperation, not any more in internal concentration: how to combine forces with your colleague organisations to serve SMEs better.

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The concrete Team Finland cooperation continued within the framework of the domestic service model. In the service model, the various Team Finland actors see to it that the client gets all the necessary services available through them. In 2017, the Team Finland service model was used to present in all 320 service proposals to potential growth companies. The number of service proposals submitted by Finnvera was 60.

A look at 2018: Impact spearheading the strategy

With continuous strategy work, Finnvera seeks to ensure agile renewal. The updated strategy extends up to the year 2021. Impact was highlighted as the spearhead of our strategy, and its cornerstones are customer experience, competent personnel, partnerships and, as a new feature, digitalisation.

Impact is monitored using the goals confirmed by Finnvera’s Board of Directors:

  • 80 per cent of SME financing is allocated to start-ups, growing and internationalising enterprises, enterprises seeking change, and transfers of ownership.
  • The export financing system is competitive when compared to the key competitor countries, especially Sweden and Germany.
  • The number of enterprises using export financing services will increase by 30 per cent by 2021. To promote the achievement of this goal, the SME advisory service will be developed.
  • Finnvera identifies market failure changes, wants to contribute to the better functionality of the financial markets, withdraws from transactions where commercial financing is available, and, on the other hand, creates new solutions when necessary.

The pillars of impact include excellent customer experience. Our goal is that our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is at least 55. We see to it that our personnel’s competence and skills related to the implementation of changes are at the top level.

We are a preferred partner, and our partner network, consisting of operators such as private providers of financing, Team Finland and the regions to be established in Finland in the future, yields significant benefits for enterprises.

We are gradually digitalising our operations to an appropriate extent: to serve our clients and partners, and to improve the efficiency of our processes.

The strategy is based on risk management and self-sustainability.