Financial services

Finnvera can contribute to financing at various stages in the enterprise life cycle whenever prerequisites for success exist. It is important for us to ensure that profitable projects do not fail for lack of financing. Whether the enterprise is a start-up or a growth company entering the international market, or is already operating abroad, it can apply for a loan or a guarantee from us to finance its business.

Starting a business

Finnvera can contribute to the financing of enterprise activities during the early stage by providing loans and guarantees when the business is seen as having the potential for success.

Finnvera’s Start Guarantee helps start-ups and enterprises that have been in business for less than three years to obtain bank financing for various investment and working capital needs.

A business can also be started by buying an enterprise. In corporate reorganisations, we offer loans and guarantees for the payment of the transaction price or for investments or working capital.

Yrityksen elinkaari-kaavio

Competitiveness and growth

A growing company strengthening its competitiveness can apply for loans and guarantees from Finnvera for developing its operations, for investments or for growth.

Companies that have been in business for less than three years may be entitled to Finnvera’s Start Guarantee. Companies that have been in business longer can apply for other guarantees and loans from Finnvera.

We can grant Growth Loans for financing major growth projects and corporate reorganisations undertaken by SMEs and midcap companies that have been in business for over three years. We can also subscribe bonds issued by enterprises provided that the enterprise’s turnover does not exceed EUR 300 million.

Read more about Finnvera’s loans and guarantees, their intended uses and the criteria for granting them.

Domestic loans granted by product in 2017

  Investment and working capital loans Enterpreneur loans Bonds


30,837 3


Domestic guarantees granted by product in 2017

  Investment and working capital For current account and overdraft For deliveries Start guarantees
MEUR 290,2 133,5 78,7 37,5




A company aiming at international markets may apply for Finnvera’s loans and guarantees for expanding its operations abroad. 

The Internationalisation Loan provided by Finnvera is intended for financing a Finnish SME’s business abroad and the Internationalisation Guarantee is intended as collateral for such financing. The intended use may be, for instance, investments, development or financing for growth for a Finnish SME’s subsidiary, associated company or branch office that has been, or is planned to be, established abroad.

Finnvera also provides companies with solutions to cover payment risks in export trade and to ease financing problems. In 2017, Finnvera continued to expand its export trade product selection: in April 2017, it launched the Receivables Purchase Guarantee, suitable for short-term export trade transactions of under two million euros, to complement the Bill of Exchange Guarantee and the Export Receivables Loan that were introduced to the market a year earlier.


Finnvera aims to ensure the competitiveness of Finnish enterprises in the export market so that they have equal opportunities to compete on the international market. Among Finnvera’s diverse selection of export credit guarantees, exporters and financiers find solutions for covering payment risks in export trade and for easing financing problems.

Working together with Finnvera, Finnish Export Credit Ltd, a subsidiary of Finnvera, provides exporters and financial institutions with competitive export financing services, such as financing for export credits and interest equalisation. Export financing services facilitate export transactions benefiting Finns and provide protection against risks arising from exports.

Further information on Finnvera’s export credit guarantees and the criteria for granting them as well as on the financing of export credits and interest equalisation can be found on our website.

Service network

Finnvera serves it clients online and at 15 branch offices across Finland. In addition, Finnvera has representative offices in St. Petersburg and Oslo. They help Finnish enterprises seeking entry into local markets or operating there.

The nationally operating Growth and Internationalisation Team serves growing and internationalising enterprises in their financing needs. The experts of the Large Corporates business work in Helsinki. They serve large export companies operating in Finland and are responsible for Finnvera’s foreign risk-taking.


Finnvera receives nearly 12,000 new financing applications per year. On average, 80% of them are approved.


An average financing for SMEs and midcaps is EUR 107,000.


Finnvera serves it clients online and at 15 branch offices.